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else's fault. >> but we got rude pundit coming up this hour and right now we've got news with jacki schechner. >> i do it all. look at that. good morning everybody. president obama, vice president biden meeting today with law enforcement officials from three communities rocked by gun violence. new tossen police chief michael kehoe along with his counter parts from aurora, colorado and oak creek wisconsin where a gunman killed six people and wounded four others at a sikh temple in august. u.s. attorney general eric holder and homeland security secretary janet napolitano will be sitting in as they have in many of the meetings that vice president biden had been holding along the way. also representatives from the major city's chiefs and major sheriff's associations. s the conversations continue as congress gets ready to start weighing the white house's recommendations for gun control measures and members of both chambers have introduced legislation to ban assault weapons and put limitations on high-capacity magazines. also, the senate judiciary committee is set to hold its first hearin
in the shadows. >> i want to bring in "new york times" columnist nick chrisoff and jackie kucinich. is this time different? you were looking at the full screen earlier there. you have a bipartisan group. big hitters in there. schumer, mccain, rubio.menendez. it feels to me as if a month of sundays may have just hit the calendar. the stars are aligning. it does feel different. whether it's going to be enough i don't know. i think republicans have really been sobered by the last election results. i think they feel they have to do something. seeing leadership from people like marco rubio i think really does give a lot of republicans who might have doubts otherwise a real chance to think again. >> the credibility, the aura, the halo that may be needed here. jackie, those eight senators we were showing are putting their bipartisan plan out the day before the president is scheduled to outline his immigration proposal in a speech in las vegas. what are you seeing in the timing? are they trying to triang late? >> it shows momentum on this issue. here's the thing which has been the hitch on a couple diff
the portola. * but we are going to have barbara, let's see, barbara senich and jackie moray to come up on stage and accept the award on behalf of the portola. (applause) >> nice t-shirt. thank you very much. here is a model of the t-shirt. [laughter] (applause) >> it is the best neighborhood you never heard of. both barbara and i are lifelong members of the neighborhood. i'm still in the same house that i grew up in. and come and see the new four-barrel when we timely get it. we're the only neighborhood that doesn't have a coffee shop. what can i tell you? [laughter] (applause) >> as jackie said, you'll have to come out to the portola to see what's going on. and don't forget to notice our painted pillar there as you drive along 01 >> experiencing technical difficulty; please stand by >> here is the other linda to accept the award on behalf of the group. (applause) >> thank you. my name is linda light haiser and i work with help mclaren park. alioto-pier here to accept the award on behalf of the founders of the organization, the real movers and shakers who couldn't be here tonight, chu
parachuted down to check on checkpoints on key access routes to the city. jackie is with the french army at timbuktu airport. how significant is this all, jackie? >> in terms of capturing timbuktu, it would appear to be the beginning of the end. late on sunday, as you mentioned, paratroopers landed in the more rigid in the north. they really are consolidating their hold, not just on the airport, but on the area around it. the information that we are getting is that we will not see advanced bother from the airport for a few hours yet. in terms of getting information on what is happening inside the city itself, we have some exclusive pictures from inside timbuktu that show rebel fighters leaving the city. a short while ago the man described himself as the third deputy mayor of timbuktu. not sure what happened to the mayor had -- to the mayor himself. he gave a very positive version of what is happening in the city, but all accounts need to be treated with a certain amount of caution. let's have a look at the events leading up to the french offensive against timbuktu. >> boosted by news of
tonight. jackie bensen reports on one boy coit who recently found themselves in the middle of a controversy involving this issue. jackie? >> reporter: good evening doreen. thises becoming a small part of history because of something they were forced to remove from the website. >> for real. it's something that i don't think we ever thought as a group could have in our time. >> reporter: the parents of cub pack 442 in the cloverly area of montgomery county, 20 miles from the nation's capital, have found themselves at the center of a national controversy. last week they were forced at the risk of the charter to erase this statement -- pack 442 will not discriminate against any individual or family based on race, religions, national origin, ability or sexual orientation. >> i think it kind of caught a lot of families off-guard when the boy scouts of america came out and reaffirmed their ban on gale and lesbian individuals. a lot of us feel strongly that that's not right. >> reporter: the supreme court has ruled that the ban was lawful, because it is a privately funded organizat
to be moving closer to joining forces. cnbc's jackie deangelis live with that story and more. jackie, good morning. >> aaron, good morning. u.s. airways and american airlines are in the final stages of the merger talks. a deal could reportedly be coming soon. we're looking for that in the next two weeks as a matter of fact. report are saying that the merger price and management structure are the major sticking points left to resolve at this point. the board of american's parent company planning to meet today and tomorrow. amr hasn't made a final decision on the merger and reports say that the company is still considering its own restructuring plan, a viable option to reviving the airline. american, of course, filed for bankruptcy in november 2011. also barnes and noble planning to close about a third of its retail stores over the next decade. the company's ceo telling the wall street journal that he sees the chain having about 450 to 500 stores which would mean shutting about 20 locations a year. barnes and noble, they've been closing about 15 stores a year over the past decade. but rememb
making his or her next move. courtney reagan on where the retail sector is. jackie deangeles on winners and losers as we approach the record highs but we start with kayla. >> line us up. >> i lined you up like bowling pins. >> thank you, tyler. a different down in 2007 before aig, city and general motors after the crisis. but still soaring highs. dow is down roughly 270 points or so, shy of touching that 14,164 point record high from that year. still high flyers in the dow in today's move-up. johnson&johnson trading in level answers neither company seen since their ipos in the 1940s. proctor and gamble and home depot hitting multiyear highs. look the a the index from then until now, exactly half the dow is in the green. home depot another big winner again. up against any dow component. mcdonald's and ibm also up. bank of america, alcoa and bank of america the worst in the last five years. the truth is, that was at end of a five-year bull market where as this rally still has some momentum in stock valuation and earnings growth to go up from here. in fact with morning on squawk box. it wo
truly believed peace is possible. representatives george miller and jackie spear both are with us today. our delegation has the pleasure of entering into the permanent record the life, service, legacy of ambassador stevens. additionally, a flag has been flown over the capitol by democratic leader nancy pelosi, represented by her daughter christine pelosi. this flag has been presented to the family. in celebration of ambassador stevens life and in honor of his tremendous legacy. as i mentioned, we entered into the congressional record our testimony honoring the life of ambassador john christopher stevens. in the interest of time i won't read the entire congressional record but only an excerpt. it said mr. speaker, i rise with my colleagues to honor, celebrate and remember ambassador john christopher chris stevens. a son of northern california and the bay area, ambassador stevens tragically lost his life in the greatest service to his country. selflessly and courageously representing american values in a foreign nation he knew intimately and cared for
jackie bensen explains how this change could impact one local group. >> reporter: the parents of cub pack 442 in the cloverly area, 20 miles from the nation's capital has found themselves at the center of a national controversy. last week the group was forced, at the rick of its charter from the boy scouts of america to erailings this statement -- packs 442 will not discriminate against any individual or family, based on race, religion, national original -- >> i think it caught families off-guard when the boy scouts of america came out and reaffirmed their ban on gale and lesbian individuals. a lot of us feel strongly that that's not right. >> reporter: the supreme court has ruled that the boy scouts ban was lawful, because it is a privately funded organization, but nbc news has learned change appears on the horizon. a statement issued today from the organization's headquarters in texas reads -- currently, the bsa is discussing potentially removing the national membership restriction regarding sexual orientation. it goes on to say the chartered organizations that oversee scouting, and sel
with the brady campaign and congresswoman jackie spear way in on that. >>> plus, state of emergency. protests and violence rage on in egypt despite the attempts to calm things down. the news now is next. >>> it's time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. justin owns city aquariums in brooklyn, new york. his unique designs and personal attention to his customers fish have gained him a celebrity clientele. a customer base he says can call his company any time day or night if they need help. for more watch "your business" sunday morning at 7:30 on msnbc. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. you name it...i've hooked it. but there's one... one that's always eluded me. thought i had it in the blizzard of '93. ha! never even came close. sometimes, i actually think it's mocking me. [ e
maravillosos. >>> sÍ, eso experimenta jackie guerrido en los Ángeles, feliz comienzo de semana. >>> gracias compaÑeras, igualmente para ustedes, feliz inicio de semana, y vengo con cambios en temperaturas que se refieren, asÍ empezamos el lunes, con temperaturas bastante agradables, en esta noche, en houston, 66 grados, pero no sin antes experimentar 77 grados, en atlanta en el rango de 60 grados, esta misma masa de aire muy agradable, se desplaza al noreste, en nueva york, en el oeste de pensilvania hasta boston condiciones heladas, por aquÍ tenemos lluvia y hielo, lo que provoca problemas en las carreteras, retrasos en aeropuertos y en california concondiciones estables. estamos vigilando una fuerte tormenta invernal, que depositarÁ un pie en aspen colorado, se mauve al este de texas, louisiana, mississippi y al sur de illinois, pendiente, esta tormen ta no descarta la posibilidad que se desarrolle uno que otro tornado, y mientrastanto seÑores retrasos en aeropuertos en washington d c, y nueva york, debido a condiciones invernales. patrÓn de lluvias que en 36 horas persisten similar
with more, eleanor roosevelt, jacqui kennedy -- jackie kennedy. those are the woman's -- women whose stories to a close enough to connect with. many of the women in the higher floors, on the state floor, they seem like characters from a wonderful story because it was such a long time ago. it is history. you read about it in books. to be in their presence seems little bit disconnecting. the first lady's on the ground floor, the ones i remember, i remember there are real stories. i can picture their lives. in this incredible way that makes me think about their challenges and struggles and how they used the space. >> the first ladies, their private and public lives. c-span is teaming up with the white house historical association. "first ladies: influence and image." this begins on president's day, at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on c-span. >> just before question time and wednesday, british prime minister david cameron delivered a speech outlining his government's position on britain's role in the eu. he pledged to hold a referendum on britain's future in the eshoo if conservatives win the ne
's advocate at every base. but california congresswoman jackie spear wants sexual assault investigations taken out of the military chain of command. >> the victims oftentimes are treated like they are pariahs oftentimes diagnosed with what is called a personality disorder. and involuntarily honorably discharged from the military. >> reporter: that's what happened to jennifer norris. and after her 14 year air force career ended sooner than planned she says she came close to taking her own life. >> we had a gun. and i wanted to use it. but my husband stopped me. >> reporter: norris says her attackers were never punished. she has now made advocacy on behalf of servicemen members like her her new career magalie laguerre wilkinson cbs news, new york. >> a baby is threatened by rising floodwaters. we're going to show you the rescue attempts next. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. grea
-day first ladies that i can identify with more like eleanor roosevelt and jackie kennedy and of those are the women that feel close enough to connect with on the higher floors and the state flores. they seem like characters from a wonderful story because it was such a long time ago. you read it in the books to be in their presence seems a little bit disconnected. the first lady on the ground floor that i remember, i remember their real story is coming and i can picture their lives in an incredible way that makes me think about their challenges and struggles and how they used the space.
," jackie bensen will have more on how this could impact a local troop's effort to adopt a nondiscrimination policy. keith russell, news4. >>> it could be the biggest immigration reform effort in years. president obama is preparing to rereel shylan for a second term, and a bipartisan group of senators announced their plan for a pathway to citizen ship. we have more on what could still hold up progress. >> reporter: it's a big step, but as you know, the devil is in the details. a key holdup could be how to ensure a tough, but also fair path toward citizenship. exactly one week after president obama called immigration reform a top priority, the issue is garnering momentum with a rare show of bipartisan support. >> for the first time ever there's more political risk in opposing immigration reforming that in supporting it. >> this is consistent with our country's tradition of being a nation of laws, and a nation of immigrant. >> eight leading republican and democratic snorts are proposes an immigration overall. the legislation would create a path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants alread
.m. eastern time. up next, though, we have a closer look at some winners and losers in this rally. jackie deangelis has a preview. jackie. >> good morning, guys. it's been a good run for stocks. the dow up 6% this month. as earnings season kicking into high gear i'm going to walk you through some of last week's biggest winners and losers and see if that momentum can continue. stay with us. >>> welcome back, everybody. dow futures down by about 12 points. we've been watching shares of caterpillar this morning because it just came out with earnings. caterpillar came in with earnings that were 1.04 was the number, 87 was a charge that was included on this. analysts were looking for 1.69. what's really important is that this company talks about their outlook for 2013. they they see somewhere between $7 and $9 in earnings a share. street today, 54. obviously that's a very wide range and the company is making some comments about that. they say that wide range for the 2013 outlook reflects the level of uncertainty that they see in the world today. doug oberhelman is the chairman and ceo. he says th
of more modern day first ladies that i can identify with more. people like eleanor roosevelt, jackie kennedy, those are the women whose stories feel close enough to connect with. many of the women in the higher floors on the state floor, they seem like characters from a wonderful story, because it was such a long time ago. it's history and you read a
. jackie de anless is watching today. >> hey. it's been fueled by good increase and tolerance of risk from investors. last week saw some impressive milestones. the s&p crossing 1500 for the first time since 2007. it's above that mark right now. if it ekes out a again today, it will be -- on for the best january performance since 1994. for the month the dow is roughly 6% higher. it could see its best january since 1989 when it gained 8%. also the dow transports reaching a new 52-week high. the 13th consecutive day. and also don't forget the nasdaq on friday closed more than 12%. that wasn't its all time high but still quite significant. even as apple lost ground, it hit a milestone. it relinquished its most valuable company interest to exxon on saturday. all eyes will watch between the two. back to you. >> thank you so much. >>> so if you believe nothing rose to the sky is the market voice for a pullback, we thought we'd talk to a couple of people who can read what's happening in realtime as good as anyone. >> jared greco has been on the floor for 12 years. he says while there is some talk
. this is signed to the powers, from jackie, a wedding photograph. this is the actual invitation that the powers were sent. >> any idea what items like that will fetch? >> we estimate it's $150, this may be $400. >> tell me about the bomber jacket. >> this is the air force one leather bomber jacket, given to dave in 1960 or 1962. this was his pride and joy. it was talked about during his lifetime. romd reagan signed a letter, used it in his first exhibit. >> one of his responsibilities was to make sure that the presidential flag was flying when he traveled with the president. >> yes. >> this is one of the two presidential flags. >> yes, there's two now. it says president of the united states right on the inside on the original label and everything. it's quite very rare, unique item. >> signed copy of profiles, and kennedy signed this while he was president? >> it makes it so great. >> the pen signing the order to stop the delivery of defensive weapons to cuba. >> yes. >> given to dave powers. birthday card signed by john jr. >> yes, on what would have been jack kennedy's last birthday. this is j
roosevelt, jackie kennedy, those are the women whose stories feel close enough to connect with. many of the women in the higher floors, on the state flora, -- floor, they seem like characters from a wonderful story. it was such a long time ago. it is history and you read about it in books. to be in their presence seems a little disconnected. the first ladies on the ground floor floor are the ones that i remember. i remember their real stories and i can picture their lives. in an incredible way that makes me think about their challenges and struggles and how they use the space. >> the first ladies, their private and public lives. c-span is teaming up with the white house is oracle situation -- association white house the store association. the season one president they at 9:00 p.m. pacific. >> now, a discussion about the 2012 campaign and the challenges facing conservatives. this forms part of a conference hosted by the national review institute, and advocacy group founded by william s buckley junior. this is about an hour and 20 minutes. >> can i use this microphone? hi. [applause]i
are not saying where they'll be sitting during the big game. the last time jack and jackie's sons, they watched from a stadium to avoid crying eyes. >> tiger woods is headed to victory at torrey pines again. woods is leading in the farmers insurance open. halfway it would be a milestone win, his 75th career victory. it would also be his eighth overall pro win at torrey pines in history at a single golf course. that golf course and tiger woods go together. >> it's also phil mickelson's course and it may be setting him up for the masters. >>> "wall street journal" call sa says they issued stronger regulations. officials decided that since design and testing with so far along, enforcing tougher standards would delay production. >>> hotel rooms in new orleans are sold out for sunday's super bowl but before you check in anywhere, cbs news travel editor peter greenberg is here with the five things you should know about hotel security. good morning. >> good morning. >> what's the first thing we should use. >> inroom safes. they sound convenient, great concept. you don't want somebody coming in. a lot
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)